New Emancipation Petitions Published

We’ve recently added nearly 40 emancipation petitions to Civil War Washington, bringing the number of petitions published on the site to more than 570. We will continue adding petitions regularly in coming weeks, and in April we will begin publishing petitions filed in response to the July 1862 act that was supplemental to the original DC Emancipation Act of April 1862. The newly published petitions includes that of Achsah Dorsey. Dorsey claims compensation for Georgiana Bacon, a slave “born in [Dorsey’s] service” whose mother, identified only as Maria, had been manumitted sometime after Bacon’s birth. Bacon, on the other hand, was hired out to Reverend B. Peyton Brown in April 1862. Photographed by Mathew Brady during the war period, Brown served as pastor of the Foundry Methodist Church from 1866-1868 and again in 1876-1877.

photograph of B. Peyton Brown

Mathew Brady’s photograph of B. Peyton Brown, ca. 1860 – ca. 1865. National Archives and Records Administration.

Brady’s photograph of B. Peyton Brown (ca. 1860-1865) is held at the National Archives and Records Administration in the sub-series “Mathew Brady Photographs of Civil War-Era Personalities and Scenes, compiled 1921 – 1940, documenting the period 1860 – 1865” (see ARC Identifier 524418 | Local Identifier 111-B). This series is part of Record Group 111: Records of the Office of the Chief Signal Officer, 1860-1865.

~Janel Cayer

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