More Emancipation Petitions Published

53 additional emancipation petitions have been added to Civil War Washington, bringing the total number of petitions published on the site to over 500.

Included in this batch of documents is a petition submitted on June 2, 1862 by Margaret J. Beall, claiming compensation for five former slaves, Lucy Moore and her four children: William H., Richard, John Louis, and George Moore. Four days later, on June 6, 1862, Margaret J. Beall, Jane Elizabeth Beall, and Matilda B. Louisa Beall jointly filed another petition claiming compensation for seventeen former slaves, eight of whom were inherited by the petitioners from their mother (Jane N. Beall), and nine of whom were born into the service of the Beall family.

This group of documents also features a petition which was filed by Amelia Tilghman, who was identified by the emancipation commission as a free black living in Washington. According to the final report of the commissioners, Amelia Tilghman died before the emancipation commissioners filed their final report. The amount awarded for Tilghman’s claim was paid to her husband, John Tilghman.

~Janel Cayer

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