Correction to Petition of Clement Wheeden (cww.00144)

Our initial version of the Petition of Clement Wheeden, 9 May 1862 omitted the transcription of a bond, which was submitted by Wheeden. In the bond, Wheeden asks that a portion of his award be paid to William F. Speaks. According to the final report of the commissioners, Clement Wheeden was awarded $613.20, $104 of which was to be paid to William F. Speaks; the remainder of the award went to Wheeden.

The supplementary material relating to Wheeden’s petition appears to have been incorrectly grouped and microfilmed with the petition of John Marbury (petition number 184, as yet unpublished on Civil War Washington). Though petition number “184” is written on the cover of the misplaced bond, the document is actually meant to supplement Wheeden’s petition, to which the missing bond has been added.

–Janel Cayer

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