New to the Site: Map How-To and Additional Resources

A detailed tutorial for using the Civil War Washington mapping application is now available. We have designed the mapping application for a range of users, from the casual browser to the serious researcher. The tutorial introduces users to key functionality of the application, including how to navigate the map; view and change available layers; move among historical and current basemaps; search the map via text, distance, or area queries; draw on the map to create new maps and perform analysis; create bookmarks; and print from the map. A screencast is also in the works.

image showing a screenshot of the civil war washington map application, with an area of the map measured for distance, showing proximity of hospitals, bawdy houses, churches, government buildings, and police stations within an area of the district

An example of what users can do with the Civil War Washington mapping application. Here, we’ve drawn a circle around an area of the district to get a sense of the proximity of bawdy houses, government buildings, hospitals, churches, and police stations stations within the area.

Also new to the site are links to additional resources from the Emancipation Petitions and Medical Cases pages. These resources, such as the Final Report on Compensated Emancipation in the District of Columbia (1864) and A Dictionary of Medical Terms Used in Medicine and the Collateral Sciences, are external to Civil War Washington, but provide users with greater context and information for understanding the petitions filed in response to the Compensated Emancipation Act and the medical and surgical cases from Washington included in the Medical and Surgical History of the War of the Rebellion.

~Elizabeth Lorang

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