More issues of Armory Square Hospital Gazette now available

Several additional issues of the Armory Square Hospital Gazette are now available on the newspapers page of Civil War Washington. The Gazette was published at Armory Square Hospital in 1864 and 1865, and a short piece in the issue of December 10, 1864 announced:

Our little paper has been published for nearly a year; and, although, not as liberally patronized as it ought to be, still it is to live, and we hope do good. It is published for the good of our soldiers and Hospital. The expense of the paper is small, and every penny received beyond the cost of paper and press work, (in all about five dollars per week,) goes into our Hospital fund. Now may we not ask every friend of the soldiers, every patriot, every christian to become a subscriber at once. The subscription price is One Dollar per annum.

The issues newly added to the site include those from December 10, 1864, December 24, 1864, and April 29, 1865. Although our aim is to make available digital images of all issues of the Gazette, we do not currently have a complete run of the paper. Please contact us if you have any leads on tracking down more issues of the paper.

~Elizabeth Lorang

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