Welcome to Dispatches from Civil War Washington

Welcome to Dispatches from Civil War Washington!

We are excited to welcome you to a new blog created for Civil War Washington.

The site explores Washington, DC from a variety of angles, as a case study of social, political, cultural and medical/scientific transitions related to the Civil War.  This project is a multi-disciplinary digital resource that draws on the methods of many fields – history, geography, computer-aided mapping, literary studies – to chronicle the impact of the war on the city.  People of all sorts were drawn to the city for many reasons.  Drawing on a wide range of material from census records to literary texts and from forgotten individuals to the famous we examine how Washington changed from a sleepy Southern town to the symbolic center of the Union and nation.

While the site explores the range of information and issues included above, this blog is a place for our directors and contributors to discuss ideas and issues the project encounters.  This blog is a way for us to communicate what is going on apart from the website, Civil War Washington.  By using this blog, we hope to communicate to our users what types of issues we are considering for our research, what our research has unveiled, new directions we are considering and other information that just doesn’t fit into the display model we have chosen for the website.

The Civil War Washington digital project is much larger than the current online version may reveal to the casual user.   We are processing documents and data to include as part of the project.  We also are considering what information to highlight on the website and other issues related to the online content models we have chosen.

Washington, DC profoundly changed through the Civil War from a tradition-bound Southern town to the center of a revitalized nation.   Civil War Washington will explore this transformation.

–Rob Voss

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2 Responses to Welcome to Dispatches from Civil War Washington

  1. Randall Todd says:

    I was excited to find this web site. I have been trying to find imformation on my grandfather for some time now. Maybe you can help me out? His name is Andrew Todd. He enlisted in Detroit, Michigan 1862. He was MI.5th company F Cavlary. He was wounded in Frying Pan just befor Gettsburg battle. He was back in the war for the Cedar Creek Battle. He was killed near Newtown Viriginia on November 12, 1864.

    • Civil War Washington User Group says:

      We greatly appreciate your interest in our project. We have not encountered your relative in any of our research on Washington, DC during the Civil War, and I’m afraid individual genealogical research is outside the scope of our project. Since your relative enlisted in Michigan, you might want to consult the Record of Service of Michigan Volunteers, 1861-1865 (1903). For more information on Todd, you might contact the National Archives, which maintains military service records from 1775 to the present.

      You might also try searching the Library of Congress’s Chronicling America, which has quite a bit of newspaper content from the Civil War years. If you have access to a library that has subscriptions to some private newspaper databases, such as those offered by Gale or ProQuest, you might turn up some additional details by searching newspaper content.

      Thanks again for your interest in our project. I wish you the best of luck in finding additional information about your relative.

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